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Pygora Goats

Raised on our farm for their glorious Fiber.

Little Mary Poppins was a bottle baby from 2015.

She's a beautiful silver pygora doeling.

~Pygora Goats~

Pygoras make good pets, show, breeding, and fiber animals. Pygora fiber is used by artists for

spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving, and other fiber arts. Pygoras can also be used for milk production, producing about one litre per day.


Pygoras were developed by Katharine Jorgensen of Oregon City, Oregon in 1987

by crossing Angora goats with Pygmy goats. The cross produced an excellent little goat with one of three types of fleece; A, B, & C.

Type A= a mohair-like fleece. Composed of fibers averaging 6 or more inches in length that drape in ringlets. It may occur as a single coat, but a silky guard hair is usually present. The fibers are typically less than 28 microns. The fleece needs to be shorn.

Type B = a combination of the A & C types of fleece. Fibers average between 3 to 6 inches, sometimes contains guard hairs. The fiber is usually less than 24 microns. Some fleeces naturally release others may need to be shorn.

Type C= a Cashmere like fleece. The Fiber is very fine, typically 1 to 3 inches in length and less than 18 microns. Guard hairs are usually present. The fleece naturally releases and can be raked out.


Baby May

A cute little Pygora doeling. She has some lovely cashmere type wool.

Baby May at 10 months old


~Angora Goats~

Angora goats are the producers of valuable, lustrous, Mohair. Angoras have beautiful headsets of horns, they are useful to the goat and help the goat herder in managing them especially during shearing time. The goats fleeces are shorn once in spring

and once in the fall.

~a cool fact: Mohair is naturally fire retardant, making it great for hearth rugs!



 A silver black badger face colored Angora Goat.

We get beautiful silver fleece from her!


Nilla, short for Vanilla.

She is a sweetie and the 1st one to greet us at the gate.



Our 2008 Doeling born May 23rd

Isn't she just darling?!?!

Nilla with her kid, Frappachino, he's about 4 months in these pictures.


Examples of our Hand Dyed Mohair Locks

These were originally silver locks from beautiful Cricket.

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