~Bumblebee Acres Kitten Application~

I encourage you to elaborate as much as possible on your answers, please feel free to include pictures of your family, other pets, and home---this all helps me determine what type of home you will provide for one of my precious kittens. One word answers is NOT what I'm looking for here.


1. name:

2. address, please include city and state:

3. phone:

4. email:

5. If interested in a Persian, what colors do you prefer?

6. If interested in a Himalayan, what colors do you prefer?

7. Are you interested in one or two kittens?

8. What gender do you prefer if any?

9. What type of temperament do you desire?

10. Do you have children, and if so what ages?

11. Do you have other pets, if so please describe & do you know if they are cat friendly?

12. Have you owned a Persian or Himalayan before?

13. Are you aware of the grooming this breed requires?

14. Do you want a pet or breeder?

15. Would your kitten be kept indoors?

16. Please list your vets name, address, and phone:

17. How did you hear about Bumblebeeacres?


Please copy and paste in an email and send it to:


Thank you!