~Bumblebee Acres Rabbitry~

Bunny Application

I encourage you to elaborate as much as possible on your answers,

please feel free to include pictures of your family, other pets, and home,

this helps me determine what type of home you will provide for

one of my precious bunnies.







Most of the following questions require more than a one or two word answer!

1. Are you interested in a pet, show/breeder, or a wooler?

2. Have you owned a bunny before, if so please elaborate?

3.Why have you decided on an English Angora?

4.Will your bunny be kept inside or outside?

5.What type of pen/cage do you plan on housing your bunny in?

6.Are you aware of the grooming and specific care requirements of this breed?

7.Have you heard of wool block?

8.Do you have experience in grooming?

9. Have you researched the breed?

10.Do you own a dog and if so what breed? Do you know if it is bunny safe?


Please list your Veterinarian's info.:


And finally, are you aware and in agreement with my sales/health policies listed on my website?


Please copy and paste this application and email your completed application to:



Thank you!

I look forward to reviewing your application.