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Dollface Persians & Himalayans

CFA Registered Persian and Himalayan cats & kittens for loving homes.

Bumblebee Acres is a closed cattery

ensuring the health and well being of our beloved Persian cats and kittens.

***The Phantom of the Cattery is here!***

Isn't this little guy gorgeous?!?!?!

His name is "The Phantom"

Inspired by our addiction to the movie "The Phantom of the Opera"

Phantom is a bi-color dollface Persian (Tuxedo Persian).

He is only 7 weeks in this photo his eyes will change over to brilliant copper as he matures. I just adore his expression! His purrsonality is exceptional.

He is a total purrbox Persian loverboy.


The Phantom is 'haunting' our cattery as our leading man.

He is a color point carrier, which means he produces not only Persians, but also Himalayans. His offspring are gorgeous.

FYI: Himalayan & Persians are the same breed of purebred cat.



Here is our other Stud, White Knight .

He is a Rare Blue Silver Chinchilla with stunning Green eyes.

(Which the camera didn't quite capture)



Beautiful Anastasia



Princess Meiling


Bumblebee Acres is striving to preserve

and encourage the revival of the traditional Persian and Himalayan look of the past.

The traditional Persian face had an open expression that allowed for normal nasal passages and tear ducts thus producing a healthier cat (also known as dollface cats). Today Persian and Himalayan cats in the show world have peke faces (pushed in noses that come as close to being in between the eyes as possible) Peke faces may cause upper respiratory problems for the cat for it's entire lifetime, not to mention runny eyes that need to be attended to on a daily basis.

We adore the healthy, vibrant, and beautiful faces of the doll face Persian.


Life's Abundance Food

Here at Bumblebee Acres, our cats and kittens mean the world to us so

we feed Life's Abundance cat/kitten food exclusively. We used to feed a popular commercial pet food with decent results, but have since changed for a number of very important reasons. To find out why Life's Abundance is a superb diet for your cat/kitten, please click on the cat food picture above. We believe that our furry best friends

deserve the absolute best for their health and well being and we hope

you consider switching too.

Phantom, our Persian kitty, says, "Life's Abundance food is the cat's meow!".


Our Persian and Himalayan kittens

are lovingly handled from the moment of birth to help ensure that they have a wonderful outgoing temperament. The kittens are raised around other cats, dogs, children and the occasional bunny. Our kittens are free of external and internal parasites are up to date on shots and dewormings. Our kittens are bred and raised in a controlled cattery environment to prevent interbreeding and illness. Our Cattery has central heating and air conditioning with plenty of room, toys, and climbing trees for their entertainment. There are extra large windows with large sills for all our sun loving cats to nap on. Our cats and kittens are strictly kept indoors

as to prevent illness and injury. Our kittens are priced from $1000-$2000.

Shipping is available for an extra $400 fee via Continental Airlines.

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*If you are interested in available kittens please send us an e-mail below.*

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