*Bumblebeeaces Havanese*

El Morro's Bella Bumblebee

our Havanese Beauty!

D.O.B May 30, 2004

Color: Black with white markings

AKC # TR26601203

Health testing clearances

CERF'd Clear # HV-3925N/2006--22 (as of March, 16 2006)

OFA Patellar Luxation Normal #HAV-PA1849/43F/P-P1

BAER Tested Normal at Animal Hospital of Woodstock

Click here to see Bella's wonderful Champion pictoral pedigree

Bella came to us from El Morro Havanese in Florida.

~Thank you so much, El Morro~

We adore our little Havanese beauty!

Bella is currently being shown in AKC shows, handled by Miss Samantha Troia.

Bella has a sweet and loving temperment and loves to play and dance to Cuban music. She also loves to sing, yes sing!

Havanese are just the sweetest little moppets!

Off to the shows!


When Bella Moves around the show ring it is true poetry in motion. Her top line sticks and she has a wonderful springy gait just as the motto of the HCA 2005 National Specialty stated, "If it ain't got that spring it ain't got a thing". Bella has great front extension and a strong rear drive. It is a beautiful sight to see.

Bella Diva


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