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Quality AKC Havanese puppies

for loving families, show and performance prospects

Located in Harvard, IL.

updated August 26, 2017

Puppies are Here!

D.O.B 7-25-2017

The puppies in this litter are $1800

They will be ready for their new homes around the end of September!


Oscar, Golden Red Brindle Havanese male ~Reserved Buckley Family~



Peony, Golden Red Brindle Havanese female ~Available~


Tiger Lilly, Golden Red Brindle Havanese female ~Available~



Buttercup, red brindle female ~Available~

Little Buttercup is a special needs puppy, her momma accidentally nipped off her front left lower leg during the birthing process. Her momma didn't mean for this to happen the tiny leg got in the path of cleaning off the placenta and tearing the umbilical cord. Little Buttercup will be able to lead a pretty normal life but she could face some challenges along the way.

I'm hoping to find the perfect family for her that will love her despite her disability. She will still make a great companion for cuddling, gentle playing and a lifelong companion.


**Approved Homes Only**

Our Havanese puppies mean the world to us, so naturally we want to know

about the home you will provide.

Please click open the box below to fill out our Puppy Application~Serious Inquires only please!

Puppy applications are now OPEN!

We reserve the right to carefully select homes for our precious puppies.

Please be patient as we review your application it can take up to two weeks to get a reply, thank you.


~Puppy Status & Policies~

By placing a non-refundable deposit you are agreeing with the sales policies listed on this web page.

~I cannot hold a puppy without a non-refundable deposit~

Available =  You are welcome to inquire about the puppy.

Non-refundable deposits are accepted on a first come basis into my email inbox by

approved families ONLY.

Pending = Are an approved Family (1st step is to fill out a puppy application) and

non-refundable deposit is in transit

(if non-refundable deposit is not received within 2 days puppy becomes available again).

Reserved = Non-refundable deposit has been received. Any monies received towards a puppy are non-refundable.

Sold = Full payment has been made, puppy may already be in it's new home.

Once a puppy has reached the date, determined by me (usually between 8-10 weeks), that it is ready to go to it's new home the puppy MUST be picked up within two weeks of that date unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon by me. If the puppy is not picked up within those two weeks then it will become available again

and any monies given towards that puppy will NOT be refunded.

**Puppies being placed in Pet homes will come with companion/limited AKC papers, this is done to protect the puppy and to ensure a legitimate pet home. **

*Please check our reference page to see what folks think of

Bumblebeeacres furbabies!


Questions about our Havanese? Please email me on the Bee below.

Thank you!


Pics of a past litter ...

Puppy bliss, it doesn't get any better than this!


Scarlett being chased by Nessie Messie & Tara in the lead

Following the leader (Georgia, Scarlett, Prince, Shifu, Baby Belle aka Evangeline)



Havanese love music, dance, fun, good food and good company.

They love life and we could not imagine ours without their joyous presence.

If you would love to add a little Cuban "spice of life" to your home

please send us an email today.


All the Havanese puppies

in the following pictures are in their forever homes.

Please enjoy their pictures!





~Brother Love~                              ~Sister Love~


Tea Time!

The little Misses in hats



All our Havanese puppies are born and raised right in our home

(right next to my computer to be exact!) where they receive

loving attention and become properly socialized so that they will be accustomed to regular family life, kids, and other pets.  




Introducing the joyous wonder pup Bumblebeeacres Pendragon (Our Howl)!

At 11 & 13 weeks and 5 1/2 months

An absolute joy, Howl is staying here at Bumblebeeacres and will take on the show world when he's 6 months, so look out!

~Show Brag Up-date~

Howl's 1st weekend out at AKC shows he took Winner's Dog & Best Opposite both days, way to go Howl!!! He now has 3 pts. to his AKC Championship title.

Samantha (my lovely daughter) & Howl make an awesome team in the show ring. Together, against stiff competition, they won the title "Grand Champion Junior Showmanship 2006" at the McHenry County fair 4H Dog Show.

Samantha & Howl will also be going down state to Springfield, Illinois at the end of August 2006 to represent our county at the State Fair Dog Show. This is where all the winners of each county get together to compete for the Illinois State title of

"Grand Champion Junior Showmanship 2006".

This is the 2nd year in a row that Samantha will be competing at the State level. Last year she teamed up with Howl's sire, Romeo. It's very exciting to see Howl following in his Father's illustrious footsteps.

Samantha & Howl win

Reserve Grand Champion Junior Handler State Of Illinois 2006!

Howl is back on the prowl! On April 5, 2008 Howl placed 1st in his class at the AKC dog show in Dekalb, IL.

Samantha and Howl are teaming back up for 2008 AKC and 4H shows.



What are Brindle colored Havanese???

Brindle colored Havanese have a classic mask or partial dark mask, tail and dorsal stripe, they have stripped color markings as puppies and under their adult coat with black hair sprinkled throughout. The agouti colored Havanese is a type of Brindle with the difference being that instead of colored stripes the coloring is on each shaft of hair in layers that form rings or bands of color.The golden/red agouti has rings of color when you blow into their fur of cream, black/grey, and red/gold. they have black hair sprinkled throughout the coat.

This color type will undergo a wide color change from puppy throughout it's life. They can lighten until almost cream and than gradually get some of their puppy color back through the years. Unlike the sable coated Havanese where the color is at the tips of the coat, bridles and agoutis retain more of their coloring. Havanese coat color transitions are fascinating and beautiful, and are one of the treasures of owning a Havanese.

The color Havana Brown, or Black Brindle Havanese,

is described as being black as a puppy,

or so dark brown as to appear almost black. However, as the puppy matures the hairs start to change from tip to root into various shades of Tobacco brown, red, and black giving the dog a deep chocolate appearance.The pigment (eye rims, and nose) of the Havana brown is always black.

The coloring Havana Brown is also known as Black Brindle.

As adults they will be a very dark chocolate color.

The picture below is what the puppy's coat look like close up.

Check out my "Furbabies page" to see an adult Havana brown---his name is Cujo.


~Color Study~

Above are 10 day old Havanese puppies.

On the far left is a classic brindle (notice the dark dorsal stripe) this puppy will go through many coat color changes but will never just "creme" or "whiten" out as a sable color puppy would. The middle is most likely a blue although we won't know until weeks, months, possibly years before the color finishes developing---otherwise it may be a Havana brown (aka Black Brindle). The puppy on the far right is a solid black and will keep this color it's entire life.


Little Miss Muffin


Tino the Snow Monster!!!



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