***Jersey Woolie Bunnies***

After much discussion & deliberation,

we have decided to sell out of all our Jersey Woolie Rabbits

so that we can focus on our English Angoras.

Therefore, all the bunnies you see on this page are available for sale.

We have 7 total for sale. (Some not pictured)

***Please e-mail for more information below.***

The pedigrees of these rabbits include many 'big' name rabbitries

such as: Northwood Woolies

Baby Blues


Rising Star

& more


Jersey Woolies are cute, fluffy,

compact rabbits with sweet dispositions. They make great pets for children or super bunnies for exhibition.

This is Ella Marmalade

Our little broken jersey woolie senior doe.

Ella is from Northwood woolies and is offered at $30.

This is Blackberry

Our little black otter jersey woolie senior doe.

Blackberry is $20 , she had been molting before this picture was taken.


This is Buckleberry

Our senior Jersey Woolie black otter buck

(my digital camera doesn't do justice to his lusturous black color, for some reason it makes him look like he has dew drops all over his coat) He is from Baby Blues Rabbitry, he is $20.

This is is Polar Bear he is a REW (has 2 legs), he is from Brightside Rabbitry.


**More bunnies Available, would give a great deal on taking the whole lot, this is a wonderful deal for

the 4-Her getting started in Jersies**

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