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Sheltie Puppies Nursery

AKC Sheltie puppies for pet and performance homes

updated January 22, 2016

No sheltie litters are planned at this time.


Currently NOT accepting applications



~We reserve the right to carefully select homes for our precious puppies~

~Puppy Status & Sales Policies~

By placing a non-refundable deposit you are agreeing with the sales policies listed on this web page.

~I cannot hold a puppy without a non-refundable deposit~

Available = Welcome to inquire about the Puppy.

Pending = Have become an approved Family

and non-refundable deposit is in transit

(if not received within 7 days puppy becomes available again).

Reserved = Non-refundable deposit has been received. All monies received towards a puppy are non-refundable.

Sold = Full payment has been made,

puppy may already be in it's new home.

Once a puppy has reached the date, determined by me (usually between 8-10 weeks), that it is ready to go to it's new home the puppy MUST be picked up within two weeks of that date unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon by me. If the puppy is not picked up within those two weeks then it will become available again and any monies given towards that puppy

will NOT be refunded.


Available via United Airlines for an additional fee of $360.

United has adopted Continental's Pet Safe program and are great with the pets placed in their care. Shipping fee includes; crate & bedding, air ticket, vet health certificate, my time and gas to the airport & vet (a 150 miles).


All the following Sheltie puppies have found their

forever homes, please enjoy their pictures:



 Sable boy sheltie puppies  (except for that chubby one on the far right!---Heehee!)



Sable girl puppies


A beautiful litter of Sable Sheltie puppies


Puppy socialization time is FUN time!



Tri-color sheltie puppies (black, white, and tan)


A Bi-black Sheltie puppy (black and white)



A Blue Merle female sheltie puppy

(This puppy has one blue eye and one merled eye, coat color is blue, black, white and tan)


                  We raise all our sheltie puppies inside our home

where they are lovingly handled from the moment they are born.

Through our careful handling and proper early socialization

our sheltie puppies are on the right track to becoming the perfect family pet or performance dog.


Our Shetland sheepdog puppies are raised around children,

other dogs, cats and the occasional bunny. They are accustomed to the sounds of a normal household with children and other pets (including the vacuum cleaner, laundry machine, doors slamming, and even kids quarreling!)


Life's Abundance Food

Here at Bumblebee Acres, our puppies mean the world to us so we feed

Life's Abundance dog/puppy food exclusively. We used to feed a popular commercial pet food with decent results, but have since changed for a number of very important reasons. To find out why Life's Abundance is a superb diet for your puppy/dog, please click on the dog food picture above. We believe that our furry best friends deserve the absolute best for their health and well being and we hope you consider switching too.

Clovey, one of our shelties, gives Life's Abundance an all paws up rating!


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