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*** Himalayan & Persian Kittens ***

Traditional doll face kittens for loving homes

PKD Negative, FeLV & FIV Free Cattery

updated 8-26-2017

Kittens expected fall/winter 2017

Approved Homes Only!

Our kittens are very precious to us, so to help us determine

if you are the right choice for one of our adorable kitties please fill out a

Kitten Application by clicking on the boxed link below. We receive many applications and it can take a couple of weeks for your inquiry to be answered, we appreciate your patience.

Kitten Applications are CLOSED! I will NOT be reviewing applications at this time!

We reserve the right to carefully select appropriate homes for our kittens

We do not sell kittens to breeders


~Kitten Status & Sales Policies~

By placing a non-refundable deposit you are agreeing with the sales policies

listed on this web page.

~I cannot hold a kitten without a non-refundable deposit~

Available = Welcome to inquire about the kitten.

Pending = Have become an approved Family

and non-refundable deposit is being placed.

(if not received within 2 days kitten becomes available again).

Reserved = Non-refundable deposit has been received. All monies received towards a kitten are non-refundable.

Sold = Full payment has been made,

kitten may already be in it's new home.

**PAYPAL Accepted**

(all paypal payments require an added 4% of total to cover transaction fees)

Once a kitten has reached the date, determined by me, that it is ready to go to it's new home the kitten MUST be picked up within two weeks of that date unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon by me. If the kitten is not picked up within those two weeks then it will become available again and any monies given towards that kitten will NOT be refunded.

Shipping is available for an extra $360 fee via United Airlines Pet Safe Program

***subject to change without notice (due to airline fare changes that may take place beyond my control)


Our kittens are lovingly handled from birth.

They are raised around children and are accustomed to family life. We are a closed cattery and our cats and kittens are strictly kept indoors and are FeLV, FIV, ringworm, flea, and earmite free. Parents have also been DNA tested Negative for PKD (Polycystic Kidney disease). Kittens are ready for their forever homes at 8-12 weeks old (each kitten is different and is evaluated by us on it's readiness for it's new home). They will have been dewormed and have had at least one kitten booster.


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~Life's Abundance Food~

(click kitty food bag above to learn more about Life's Abundance or to place an order)

Here at Bumblebee Acres, our cats and kittens mean the world to us so

we feed Life's Abundance cat/kitten food exclusively. We used to feed a popular commercial pet food with decent results, but have since changed for a number of very important reasons. To find out why Life's Abundance is a superb diet for your cat/kitten, please click on

the cat food picture above. We believe that our furry best friends deserve the absolute best

for their health and well being and we hope you consider Life's Abundance too.

Phantom, our Persian kitty, says, "Life's Abundance food is the cat's meow!".


The following adorable kittens are in their new homes...


Red and White

Bicolor Himalayans

Tortishell Persian


Flame Point Himalayan

Black Smoke Persian


Blue Silver Chinchilla Himalayan                                         Cream Persian


Creme Shell Cameo Persian



Red Tabby & White Persian                                         Shaded Silver Persian

Blue Bi-color Persian


Black beauty

Calico Persian




We are working hard to revive the

traditional dollface Persian and Himalayan facial features.

We feel that doll face cats are much healthier and even more beautiful with their longer noses than the peke faced show cats.

We believe that the CFA standard (which calls for a short nose) has been grossly misinterpreted in the show world and the Persian has been suffering ever since.

And yes, Persian and Himalayan colors can be born together in the same purebred litter.

Himalayans are actually Persians with color points on their face, ears, feet, and tail (just as in Siamese cats). Himalayans are not a separate breed they are just one of the many Persian colors. In fact, in Europe they just call Himalayans color point Persians.

It is much less confusing!


A little bit of Heaven

Summer garden party, Tinka with the lovely daughter of her Mistress


FYI: Himalayans & Persians are the same pure bred cat breed, just different coloring. Persians generally will have copper colored eyes as an adult (chinchilla will be green)where as a Himalayan will keep their blue or blue/green eyes into adulthood.


The Weasley crew plus Harry!

(Ron, Fred & George, in back)



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Our kittens are very precious to us, so please fill out our

~Kitten Application~

Thank you!

**PAYPAL Accepted**

(all paypal transactions require an added 4% of total)

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