Welcome to Bumblebee Acres Farm

Our Family Farm produces fresh fruit & vegetables. Bumblebee Acres is also a

Fiber Farm producing raw wool to finished goods, and raising beautiful animals

for the Farm & Family.

Located in Harvard, Illinois U.S.A.

Our farm is NOT open to the public. We receive countless requests to see & tour our farm. Please know that although we would like to accommodate your requests, we are a working farm and as such do not have time for daily visits.

We appreciate your understanding and hope that you will enjoy visiting our farm virtually through our web site and other social media platforms (links to those are posted further down the page).

This site was updated March 25, 2015

Bumblebee Acres Farm ~ Wool & Yarn Online Shop~

Bumblebee Acres is a Fiber Farm harvesting luxurious wool from our;

English & Satin Angora Rabbits, Shetland & Cormo Sheep, Angora & Pygora Goats, Llamas, Alpacas,

and Huarizo, (Please note that none of our animals are harmed in order to harvest their wool).

The harvested wool is used in fiber arts and crafts.

Wool, fleeces, roving, hand spun yarn, SpinOlution Spinning Wheels and Accessories are available

for purchase in our Online Fiber Shop. (click on the banner below to shop)



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Three generations of our Family are proud

breeders of Outstanding:

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AKC Shelties



AKC Havanese



Traditional Doll Face Persian and Himalayan Kittens


English Angora Rabbits and Bunnies.


We are very dedicated to our breeds and strive to produce only

the sweetest, healthiest, and most beautiful animals possible. We spend many

enjoyable hours grooming, training, playing and loving our furry friends.

Breeding for quality NOT quantity!


Life's Abundance Food


Our dogs and cats, mean the world to us, that is why we feed Life's Abundance dog and cat foods exclusively here at Bumblebee Acres. For years we had fed popular commercial pet foods with decent results, however we decided to make the switch to Life's Abundance, the reasons for the switch are many. Please click on the food pictures above to find out for yourself. My grandma used to say, "you are what you eat". Since we try hard to ensure we are eating right for ourselves and family we feel it is just as important that our furry best friends also enjoy the benefits of a superb diet and good health. Romeo, our Havanese, says, "Bon apetite!".


In Addition...

Bumblebee Acres Farm produces

healthy and naturally tasty vegetables and fruit.

We use absolutely no chemical pesticides and no commercial fertilizers.

Want some of our awesome produce or lovely yarns & woolens?

Then please visit us on the Historic Woodstock Square in Woodstock, IL. during the

Farmer's Market on both Tuesday & Saturday from May until the end of October.

After October the Market moves indoors for winter and is located at the

Illinois Extension Office/Farm Bureau on McConnell Rd. in Woodstock, IL.

In January, February, March, and April the 1st Saturday of the month. 9am-noon.



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